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If you want You can come by highway or seaway...


Arriving by highway and seaway ?
From the Bodrum Airport, you should go to the harbour for ferry from  Bodrum to Datça. There are ferries two times a day (morning-evening) from April to Novembers.  

Datça - Marmaris : 70 Km
Datça - Bodrum : Ferry arrives in a hour
Datça - Ankara : 825 KM
Datça - İstanbul : 882 KM.
Datça - İzmir : 342 KM
Datça Simi ve Rodos : 3 days by ferry

Arriving by Highway ?
From Dalaman Airport:  You can come to Datça directly by taxi from Dalaman airport or you can come from Dalaman to Marmaris and there are midibuses for frequently times. The road is renewed in 2010 and it is easy to arrive.

From İzmir:  You should follow on Aydın route until Marmaris. After Marmaris just  1 hour ( appr. 65 km) more you will travel.

Also there are directly buses from İstanbul, İzmir, Ankara to Datça.


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